PlayAlive – the company behind e-Wall

PlayAlive has since 2008 created innovative and modern solutions with a focus on movement and interaction with the users. The idea to combine electronics with playthings came from a combination of the employee’s many years of experience with play and development and their great love for all things electronic and technological. PlayAlives interactive technology can be found on playgrounds in most of the world, such as Australia, the US, Asia and Europe.

In 2015, PlayAlive introduced the ground-breaking e-Wall. The goal of e-Wall is to integrate physical activity into learning. e-Wall can already be found in more than 30 places in Denmark. You can primarily find e-Wall at schools for children age 6-15, but it is also available at modern playgrounds and a wide range of institutions.

In 2006, while the technology was still in development, Playalive’s unique technological platform won the Danish award Ingenørens Produktpris (The Engineers Product Award – it’s an annual award celebrating technological innovation). PlayAlive won due to the following motivation: “Creative combinations of children, play and technology is something Denmark can impart to the rest of the world. Here is is done in an unusual way: insted of activating the children in front of a computer screen, technology is being brought into the playground”

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Claus R. Thomsen (Manager and Co-owner of Playalive)
Claus is originally a master of economy from University of Aarhus. He has 17 years of experience from LEGO, where he primarily worked with international sales. Today he is keeping track of PlayAlive and ensure the company’s continued strategic development. He does this by sound strategies and a strong bond to suppliers and sale representatives.

Ole H. Clausen (Sales and marketing)
Ole also has a master’s degree from University of Aarhus. However, contrary to Claus, Ole has a focus on sales and marketing. Ole is in charge of daily communication and support to our more than 12 Danish and international sale representatives. He does this by, amongst other things, developing great sales material and “getting started”-guides. When you buy an e-Wall there’s a good chance to meet Ole, as he is the guy to show you how to use it.

Lau Kierstein (Research, innovation and quality)
Lau is a radio mechanic and an engineer. With 4 years as a managing developer at LEGO and more than 6 years running his own technology company, it is no shame to call Lau an expert. This is also why Lau is in charge of ensuring that e-Wall’s and PlayAlive’s products always meet the highest standards in regards to innovation and quality.

Dennis Schousboe (Support and implementation of customized solutions)
Dennis has an education in electrical engineering. At PlayAlive, Dennis takes care of unexpected technical issues and makes sure customized solutions are implemented as smooth as possible.